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Conceptual Forecast Collection

Lantal's design team knows the mega and micro trends: the essences from trend scouting flow into our Trendletter.

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The Conceptual Forecast collection encompasses designs with appealing color gradations, seductive structures, flash effects, contrasting textures, and crisp contours, offering guidance and expanding horizons.

Conceptual Forecast

Based on our Trendletter we have created a collection which is influenced by relevant trends for trains as well as by different philosophies and styles of our customers. Be inspired by our Conceptual Forecast with the three design worlds Genuine Matter, Trompe l'oeil and New Romanticism. The collection is suitable for use in the various travel classes and allows numerous combinations of seat covers, carpets, leather and imitation leather.


We analyze megatrends that influence passenger transportation, attend trade shows and exhibitions to obtain information on design directions, and research the train market to better understand where the voyage will go for our customers and their passengers in the future. These insights coalesce in our trendletter and serve as inspirations both internally and externally. In the case of our Conceptual Forecast, they inspired rail vehicle interiors.

Unique and authentic

Minimal forms and textures reduced to the essentials with maximum aesthetics shape the world of Genuine Matter design. If you prefer unique, tailor-made designs, you’ve come to the right place.

Optical illusion

Reality and virtuality are skillfully combined in Trompe L’oeil. The designs delight with optical illusions or 3D effects that give interiors a special, trend-setting look.

Playful and poetic

Playful and floral patterns that seem almost randomly mixed define the world of Delight design. Unexpected combinations appear poetic and informal, encouraging individual interior design.

Modern Luxury

The Modern Luxury voyage class stands for a pure style that is reduced to the essence for luxury train environments. Finesse and expertly choreographed details produce the necessary degree of exclusivity and underscore the upscale nature of the materials.

New Premium

Alongside the polychromatic temperament chosen for the New Premium class, it is virtuosity in patterns that creates a harmonious and hospitable atmosphere for local and long distance trains. It takes closer looks or motion to reveal the diversity and depth of the fabrics.

Premium Light

The Premium Light class is inspired by technical and casually stylish elements. Expressive colors create distinctive accents. Combined with neutral shades, they become a feast for the eyes. The comfort aspect, of course, is part of the design in trains.