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Seat Heating & Cooling

Thermal comfort is very individual and perceptibly influences the well-being of passengers. Lantal's latest innovation, the Seat Heating & Cooling System, enables highest personal comfort and well-being and creates an individually adjustable microclimate independently of the cabin temperature.

From June 1st 2020 on, Caynova AG has the entire responsibility for Lantal’s Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS), Heating and Cooling System (HCS) and Personal Fan System (PFS).

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Key Facts at a glance

Selective temperature control for seats as found in upscale automobiles has not been available in aircraft so far. This latest Lantal innovation based on Gentherm® technology delivers a personalized microclimate for First and Business Class passengers, regardless of the temperature in the cabin. Seat climate features such as heating and cooling can be combined to achieve genuine well-being. The result is optimized seat temperature profiles for each passenger with continuous moisture extraction to assure dry seat surfaces and an exceptional travel experience.

The surface of the seat cover fabric is very important for cooling the seat. Lantal has developed special fabrics for this purpose that enable optimum airflow.



Advantages at a glance

Lantal's Seat Heating & Cooling System offers both airlines and passengers a number of advantages:


Passengers can adjust their individual seat comfort to match their preferred personal microclimate.

Flexible seat integration

Can be used with foam or Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS) cushions or a combination of the two.

Easy installation and removal

Plug and play display design with smart quick connects.

Compact and modular

Modular architecture to meet individual customer requirements.

Safe and reliable

Meeting industry regulations and standards and designed for high reliability.


The technology guarantees high performance with low energy-consumption.