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Project management

Lantal manages the entire process from development and engineering to on-time delivery. You benefit from a single point of contact, streamlined administration, lower costs, and less complexity from start to finish. 

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Key facts at a glance

Lantal’s fast-track solutions cover the entire spectrum from the individual part to the complete signature ambiance. Count on Lantal to cover every single detail from the kick-off to doorstep delivery, as per your logistics preferences.

Project definition

A clear slate is needed to guarantee the success of a project. Accordingly, in a first step together with you, Lantal defines the baseline conditions. This includes budget and cost planning and the preparation of a milestone timeline. 

As the customer, you specify the objectives and can monitor both the milestone timeline and the budget.

Development of solutions

After the project kick-off, Lantal defines the product requirements, develops the respective solutions, and involves the contributing partners and suppliers. 

The circle closes with your acceptance of the finalized solution. 

Product development and approval

In a further step, a prototype of the specific interior textile is created and documented with CAD blueprints. Concurrently, Lantal initiates the approval process and compiles the technical backgrounders. 

The product development and approval phase constitutes a first milestone: the prototype corresponds with the product requirements and is qualified and accepted by the customer. Now, the order can be placed. In this step, you accept the prototype and perform a First Article Inspection (FAI). 

Customer-specific logistics

The entire post-production logistics phase is organized by Lantal. Apart from an appropriate packaging concept, Lantal also assures on-time delivery. 

All you need to do as the customer is share the logistics details with us.


The third and last milestone is reached when delivery takes place. Your ready-to-install products are shipped with a declaration of conformity and are now ready for integration in the train.