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Lantals sponsoring partners have in common a pioneering spirit, a long-term vision and a desire to explore new horizons.

Lantal only sponsors projects that share the following basic values: exploration, technological innovation, competence, entrepreneurial expertise, passion, teamwork, dream and emotion.

We are keen to use these values to promote lightweight products and our pneumatic technologies which help to protect the environment.

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Solar Impulse

As an “official supplier and pilot comfort expert” for the Solar Impulse project, Lantal is actively contributing to making a revolutionary vision come true.

Solar Impulse: The vision

  • Attempting the first solar flight around the world
  • A unique airplane with unlimited endurance flying day and night with no fuel
  • A team driven by a vision of the future and a passion for innovation
  • Exploring new ways of doing and thinking, to achieve the impossible

Lantal's contribution to the Solar Impulse project

Lantal developed the revolutionary Pneumatic Comfort System: It is based on firmness-adjustable, air-filled cushions that assure the ultimate in comfort in the sitting and relaxation positions – now also for a very special cockpit. For Solar Impulse, Lantal is the “Official Supplier, Pilot Comfort Experts”.

During their flight around the globe, the two Solar Impulse pilots face unprecedented technical, physiological, and operational challenges. To help them deliver peak performance, Lantal created a Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS) designed explicitly for the “Si-2”. It not only reduces the weight of the pilot seat considerably but also offers the pilots a unique degree of comfort. It assures total relaxation during the twenty-minute rest periods so that the pilot can devote his full attention to the continuation of the flight. The individually adjustable firmness of the seat prevents the occurrence of painful pressure points and keeps the pilot comfortably seated even during flight legs that last two to five days. The air-filled cushions retain their posture-supporting stability no matter how long the flight might be. And even in sub-zero temperatures and without a pressure cabin, thanks to a sophisticated control strategy.
Lantal's PCS unites all of these assets to guarantee the highest possible well-being for the pilots.

Bertrand Piccard: “The cushions are very good, impressive, congratulations! Better than First Class.”
During 72 hrs simulation flight, December 2013, and Ergonomic Workshop, July 2011

André Borschberg: “I like the adjustable firmness. No pressure points, extremely comfortable support.”
After 72 h simulation flight, February 2012

The seat cushion has a removable pneumatic insert for the toilet opening. The backrest developed into a complex high-tech cushion: the parachute and the life raft – attached to the pilot - are stored in a cavity of the backrest shell. In an emergency, the pilot ejects with the emergency gear and the removable part of the backrest cushion.

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SI2: Around The World

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, the two pilots of Solar Impulse 2, are flying their zero-fuel airplane around the world to help achieve a breakthrough for renewable energy. Find out where Si2 is located on its adventurous journey:

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